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Guest Rating: 7.7

Napin C.

We prefer to stay in the serviced apartment condition in Thailand, if possible. The place which we've regularly used so far was closed due to the business reason (???). Lately we had the feeling that the rooms were in old and shabby conditions, less equipments in the room, inadequate services, and comparatively expensive cost of stay. After looking for many places especially in Bangkok and vicinity area, we found this apartment. Through Agoda, we got very good deal of room rate. The place was along Chao Phraya river, which brought us unforgetable scene. The room was clean and well designed, fully furnished especially the kitchen utensils. We could enjoy cooking some meals in the room. Besides the privacy and serenity of the place, we enjoy its clubshouse with large swimming pool, various types of equipments and enough trainers. There were many restaurants nearby. However, it might be more convenient to have own vehicles. Well -planned of transportation is advices. Some direction might drive you go crazy because of traffic jam.

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Luxurious riverside bangkok hotel best place for retirement in Bangkok situated on the banks of the Chao Phraya river with great scenery in a perfect atmosphere.